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Common mistakes students make while applying abroad

Just the thought of applying to universities abroad stresses most students out. That is because applying abroad is seen as a complicated and long process. But here’s the golden word - most abroad universities want more international students on their campuses. And this enhances your chances of getting into your dream university.

Here we point some frequent errors that you can save yourself from making if you are going overseas for your education.

1) Not Doing Enough Research

It is a tiresome process to choose the right place to study, with the right course, and the right university. But still, do no blindly follow a university or country just because of your friends or family. Do your own research; know what’s best for you as this is a question of your future. Do your homework, consult experts, read reviews, determine your passion, and then make a decision.

2) Not Learning the Local Language

It is agreed that learning a new and native language is a time-consuming process but not learning the same can prove to be a barrier for you while living and learning in that country. Therefore, if you’re going anywhere where English is not the primary language, ensure that you polish your basic communication.

3) Financial Miscalculations

Account for every expense in food, travel, and shopping for every month along with fixed expenses such as rent. Do not make unnecessary expenditures as this is a common mistake students make while studying overseas.

4) Pre-departure Errors

While doing your application process, it is understandable that you’re under a lot of stress but ensure that there are no pre-departure mistakes and double-check all the documents that you will need in your travel. Do not over-pack or under-pack, ensure your flight details and have the necessary valuables such as international SIM-card and international currency.

5) Failure to Balance Learning, Working, and Exploring

It's important to immerse in the local culture and not completely lose yourself in your studies. It is also crucial that you earn your living expenditures through temporary jobs. But it is just important to balance your classroom life with your social and work life. Your practical exposure will come through all these combined and this is what makes your learning process in a foreign country worth it.

If you are planning to study abroad but can’t figure out where and how to start, book our free consultation today and let our expert counselors help you determine your goals, select the appropriate universities, assist in the admission and Visa related procedures. Contact us and get started!

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